The Americas

The AmericasSometimes the best travel experiences are right in your own backyard!

Whether you’re looking to hit a beach, ski the slopes, sightsee, cruise, shop or hit a park, we have it all right here. “The Americas” is the USA, Canada and even central and south America, so wherever you want to go, there is a place that’s nearby.


By land or sea, the wonders of Alaska are one of America’s most prized geographic regions.   The natural beauty, the wildlife and the small charming towns welcome tourists with open arms. There are plenty of cruise choices when it comes to visiting Alaska and we can help you make the right choice when it comes to planning an Alaskan adventure.


The warmth of the Aloha spirit beckons visitors to America’s paradise. Cruise the islands or spend a few days on several islands and witness for yourself how different each one is, yet the same when it comes to hospitality and comfort.

USA Cities and States

Washington DC, New York, Florida, New Orleans, Los Angeles and San Francisco are just a few of the many wonderful US cities that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime.  

As your travel professional, we’ll help you plan the perfect holiday visiting any US, Canadian or South American city!